Jazz at the movies and a collaborative concert

At the MoviesNext week will feature not just one, but two evenings of our big bands in action.

On Tuesday, October 8, we are taking the audience to the movies with us as we celebrate jazz in film. This concert will feature the MSM Jazz Orchestra playing some of the most well-known music from our favorite movies accompanied on the big screen by highlights from each film. Click here for tickets.

Wednesday, October 9 will showcase our MSM Jazz Ensemble in a joint concert with the MSM Symphonic Winds and Symphonic Band. This combination of classical and jazz styles has been a favorite of audiences in the past so we are very enthusiastic to bring it back. Whether you are a fan of big band jazz or classical music, you will not be disappointed. Click here for tickets.

Each concert begins at 7:30p in the Moores Opera House
Click here for further venue information and driving directions.

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