2010-11 debut concert

It’s almost here. And by “it” we mean the debut concert of the Moores School Jazz Department for the 2010-11 season. And by “here” we mean next Wednesday, October 6 at 7:30pm in the Moores Opera House. Both the Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Orchestra will be featured, and we’re proud to announce that our students have been diligently working hard to improve their performance skills this semester. It should be a great evening full of chances, spontaneous opportunity and (hopefully) fulfillment. That’s our goal, after all. Click here for ticket information.

The program will feature:

Baby Dahl, Phil Kelly
Ty Sheaffer, trumpet
Andrew Dugas, guitar

It Could Happen to You, arr. George Stone
Zach Woolhouse, alto saxophone
Ruben Sepulveda, tenor saxophone

A Sunday Ride, Mike Pendowski
Ty Sheaffer, trumpet
Ruben Sepulveda, tenor saxophone

I Be Serious ‘Bout Dem Blues, John Clayton
Josiah Cantu, trumpet
Ruben Sepulveda, tenor saxophone
Rick Harris, trombone
Alex Winkler, piano

Straight Ahead, George Stone
David Ramirez, piano
Cameron Kubos, trumpet
Eric Bustamante, tenor saxophone

Mean to Me, arr. Tom Kubis
Henry Darragh, vocal
Cameron Kubos, trumpet
Cody Garrett, piano

Not Quite Brazil, Jim Cifeli
Catherine Baker, flute
Bob Eason, soprano saxophone
Cameron Kubos, trumpet
Darrel Materum, alto saxophone
Chad Tumminello , drums
Henry Darragh, piano
Eric Bustamante, tenor saxophone
Landon Petersen, guitar

The Amazing Mr. Big Dude, Scott Lavender
Michael Ward, guitar
Cameron Kubos, trumpet
Henry Darragh, piano

Translucence, Aaron Lington
Eric Bustamante, tenor saxophone

Ain’t it Wonderful, Tom Kubis

David Ramirez, piano
Cameron Kubos, trumpet
Henry Darragh, trombone
Eric Bustamante, tenor saxophone


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