New course: Listening to Jazz

We are pleased to announce the offering of a jazz elective for the 2010 fall semester: Listening to Jazz. The elective is for non-music majors, which means that any student on campus may take this course to earn a fine arts credit necessary to graduate. Better yet, there is no additional music fee to enroll!

The class will cover the history of jazz music in the United States and will serve as an introduction and appreciation course for those new to jazz music. Students will be expected to analyze listening assignments, identify major figures and movements within the jazz idiom, and write two separate 3-4 papers on a classic jazz recording and live performance. The class number is MUSI 2302 and will meet 9-10 MWF.

Please help to spread the word about Listening to Jazz, as we feel it will be an exciting and enthralling course for any student to take!


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